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    Alternareal applies its dead treatments to Internet memes as they emerge to virally spread its brand among the masses worldwide.
Alternareal™ Memeville
Realtime Cyber Pop Art for the Masses
As Alternareal™, I engaged in Insta-Graphic-Design™ practices, quickly identifying and attacking Internet memes as they happen to virally and interactively spread the Alternareal™ brand into the trending zeitgeist.  Part of the studio's strategy as an art & design practice in the 21st century is to learn, define, master and break all the rules of realtime global cyber pop art and distribute its work on an instantaneously mass-produced digitally viral global scale.  Many of these images are released through viral networks such as Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.  If you're not "in the know" (or even if you are), these probably look random and strange, but they were effective.