Kozlyata i rebyata (Baby goats and kids) are goat milk products that are delicious and good for health. They are produced on a small farm in the Saratov region using traditional recipes and low-impact technologies and packed in small glass jars. They are completely natural and have a short shelf life.
Label concept
Absence of direct competition has led us to quite a straightforward solution. We did not tell stories or try to interpret the qualities of goat milk products the ordinary customer does not know about. At the very beginning, we identified two primary tasks the front label had to solve: to demonstrate quickly and clearly that the product in the package is made of goat milk and that it should be used as baby food. It was supposed that the stores would place the milk jars among other milk brands in refrigerators, which made the second task particularly relevant for us.
We wanted to create a moving, somewhat nostalgic packaging that would draw the customers’ attention. Kozlyata i rebyata products are recommended for very young children, so we started off by trying to gain insight into the way young and not quite experienced mothers see the world. The concept is based on fond childhood memories of a game played by mothers and grandmothers when they use their hands to imitate a goat’s horns, warning little ones to behave. In our interpretation, there are no adults, but there are children pretending to be baby goats on the front label.
For depicting children on the label, we considered various options: various styles of drawing and colour and tinted photographs. In their early years as mothers, young women live the lives of their children; they are very sentimental and not very interested in what has nothing to do with children — their own or someone else’s. That is why we have used photographs of real children — if we had used drawings, the packaging would have been too playful and childish.
Initially, the client was planning to market the products under the existing brand PeyMoloko! (DrinkMilk!) and to sell them in their own chain dairy stores in Moscow residential districts. However, while we were developing the concept, the business strategy changed. The client decided to launch a new baby food brand and to sell it in Moscow hypermarkets and chain grocery stores. As the plans had changed, a new name was needed, and it logically emerged from the concept with children pretending to be baby goats that we had proposed. We looked up Kozlyata i rebyata in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks database, filed an application to register the brand name, and started developing draft labels.
This stage was preceded by a long preparation process. We had searched for a model agency, looked through catalogues of children photos, negotiated fees, selected a photographer and a stylist, rented a photo studio, approved clothes, and signed contracts with our little models’ parents. Shooting children is not an easy job, but Nastya Vedeneyeva, our photographer, easily got along with the kids. However, it was a surprise that not all the children could rightly use their fingers to imitate a goat’s horns at the first try.
Out of a thousand pictures taken at the photo shoot, we selected just one photo of each child and carefully retouched the pictures, trying not to overuse Photoshop to keep our characters looking natural.
The logo is done in a friendly, slightly naive manner, with some minor irregularities and unevenness — as if it is drawn by a child. The words are centered and have the same width. Such an arrangement makes it convenient to use the logo in any layout — it looks good both in the center of the page and on the side. The logo is located in the information part of the label and printed on the matt lid.
Product Names Lettering
Product names are done in the same handwritten and a little bit childish style as the brand logo. We divided each title into syllables and used letters of different proportions to fit all the titles into rectangles of the same size. This enabled us to fit large-size logos into the small labels and made the logos easily recognizable from a long distance.
Packaging mockups
The front part of the label features the most important things — the brand-promoting photograph of a child and the product name. The technical information is compactly presented on the back of the label. All label mockups were tested on jars and bottles chosen by the client. We tried to make the brand-promoting front part of the label as wide as possible, but still fully visible at a glance. Given the relatively small label size, every little bit of space mattered to us.
We developed labels for all the Kozlyata i rebyata products: six for jars and one for a milk bottle. For each product, a unique pair of colours was chosen: the child’s clothes were tinted one colour, and the other one was used for the product logo.
To make sure there were no unexpected surprises when the labels were printed, we did a printing test. We used matt paper to emphasize the barely noticeable paper texture in the background of the labels. It took us a long time to find a suitable adhesive tape that would be agreeable to the touch and at the same time keep the colours saturated.
Brand Carriers
While working on the labels, we realized that we needed to extend the description of the visual brand identification. We developed guidelines on using photo objects against coloured backgrounds, specified layout requirements, picked an additional typeface for big volumes of text, drew small wireframe icons for infographics and graphical symbols to represent the advantages of the products and the production process. Moreover, we shot the products, retouched the resulting photographs and used them in digital and printed presentations for investors and chain grocery stores as well as in flyers and posters.
To support the launch of the products in chain grocery stores, we designed a small booklet telling customers about the brand and its product range.
Our work for Kozlyata i rebyata was appreciated not only by customers, but also by international consumer branding experts. We took the third place at the White Square international advertising and marketing festival and made it to the very honest short list of the Honest Fest advertising festival.
Our colleagues from the Nimax interactive agency developed a brand-promoting website featuring key information about the products, the farm, and the production process.
All the pages of the site are optimized for different screen resolutions, and the brand-promoting and interface elements are slightly animated. It will soon be possible to order Kozlyata i rebyata products online and have them delivered to your home!
Baby Goats and Kids