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    Moodigo is a visual diary, which helps users visualise, track and share their moods. Snap. Stamp. Share. Simple.
Moodigo is a mood tracking app. At its core, it’s a platform that allows users to record or share their emotional state.
Its biggest feature is how it lets users visualize those moods. To make their feelings more than just labels, and to make their emotions a little more personal. So you don’t just have to tell people how you’re feeling, you can show them. 
14 different emotions for users to pick the one that bests describes their current mood state.
Different pages of interface design.
Users can review their mood progression, what affects their mental health and the sleep and exercise details.
The second page of the Mood Log provides an indication of the 3 most common mood inputs over the last 7 days in a chart format. 
The Sleep Journal provides a graphical illustration of the amount of sleep the user had in the past.
The Exercise Report provides a graphical illustration of the amount of exercise the user had in the past. 
Users can take a photo or upload from their photo library – a picture to be used as the background of the MoodPic –
which will then be over-layed with different templates and filters subjecting to the mood they chose
i banners for online medias.