CrowdNoize Mobile App
Recently, I participated in an event sponsored by DePaul University's Coleman Entrepreneur Center and the College of Computing and Digital Media. 

"Firestarter is a platform to conceive ideas, build products (IPhone Apps) and take them to market. Whether you’re an iPhone developer, HCI student or an idea-machine, here’s your chance to create a product and potentially start your own company. "   Quote from

I choose to work with a team called CrowdNoize.  Members included Abhijit Sharma (Developer), Patrick Welby (Entrepreneur) and Domingo Meneses (Entrpreneur).

The Idea:

The Problem Solved:

In 5 days, we managed to make the RSS feed deliver into a table.  We also came up with various navigation scenarios.  
This is what the event feed coming from the CrowdNoize website would look like.  They called it Noize.  Each event is linked to a description page where you can learn about the event in more detail, can make comments and add pictures.  
This is the event page.  It describes in detail the specific event the user chose from the event feed.
 Mid-fidelity prototypes made with Balsamiq Mockups.
Screens 1 -4
Splash page, sign in, event feed and event description.
Screens 5 - 8
Making comments, entering comment or photos.
Screens 9 - 12
Detailed process of uploading an image to the feed.  Options are taking a photo or using an existing photo from your library.
Search by venue, get directions.  This would be linked to from the event description page.