The creation of a cultural space’s visual identity in Stuttgart, aspires to support the space itself as well as modern
Greek culture, around which stereotypes are revolved and intensified.
The space’s appellation is KREUZUNG.In Greek, KREUZUNG stands for the word crossroad. A crossroad is a place where two different roads meet, cross each other and are briefly conjoined on shared ground.

Supervisor professor: Vasilis Marmatakis

The design solution resulted from the merger of the letter G’s (Γ) outer side -which signifies the word Germany-
and the letter E -which signifies the word Greece.
It retains its dynamic shape even if it is rotated upside down. Seeing the negative version of the logo’s image,
the presence of the letters E and G (Γ) becomes more evident. That formulation is complemented from typography,
which becomes the space’s appellation. The logo’s color isn’t stable as it constantly readjusts.
A color configuration takes place, so that the logo corresponds to the applied area.
Through this alterable trait, we are given the ability to have some autonomous venues and to categorize the different thematic collections that are being displayed.

The colors of the two countries (i.e. Germany and Greece) flags were used (i.e. blue and white for Greece, red, yellow and black for Germany), in order to explicitly refer to those nations and arise various different applications.
Furthermore, quotes from well-renowned people form the final result,
in areas such as literature, poetry, theatre, film industry, gastronomy, graphic design and music.

The fonts that were used are Futura and Reklama. The latter, constitutes the font that was used in crucial points of the project for its unique aesthetic, which reflects the impression of writing with a flat marker, hence a form of free handwritten expression while maintaining simultaneously an intact structure as a typographic whole.


On the front cover of the handout, concerning the happenings of the entertainment venue, is depicted an arrow with
a diagonal direction and in parallel the distance of “1800 km” is written on. The arrow points at the number 800 m².
In this simple manner is presented the northwest direction and distance between Greece and Germany and
what’s more it is signified the transfer of Greek culture inside a space of 800 m² in Germany.
The inside of the handout contains information concerning the first four days that the entertainment venue will run.
Press Kit 

The press kit is consisted of a package and some small glass pyramids. Those pyramids constitute a trite souvenir,
which is an associative referral to the Egyptian culture. This particular item, exists in every corner of the earth and depending on the country that it is sold (or that it is depicted?), there are presented on them various images concerning the local tradition. In that case, instead of the images that someone could encounter in tourists’ shops there are shown images of Greece,
in a distinct manner. Those images preserve the dynamic of prismatic viewing. Each pyramid is individually packaged inside
a small box. The color palette that was chosen for those items corresponds to a different category, just like the way it is done with the posters. The cutting of the packaging has been created in such manner so that it fully unfolds when open. 
Inside the boxes there are written information about the multipurpose venue and for each category separately. 
Promotional Videos
Those videos include images that underline and manifest the distorted understanding that has been created against
the Modern Greek culture. Moreover, each video contains a phrase, borrowed from a text of the author Dimitris Dimitriadis.
Inside the text, the author writes about the “misfortune” of actually living in Greece and being a Greek citizen.