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    A expo at Brussels about famous racing cars including Ferrari 250 GTO, SWB,LWB, LM, ...
Belgian Racing Legends is/was a expo about famous racing cars wich been driven by belgian racing drivers. The expo takes place at the Autoworld museum at Brussels/ Belgium. 

The first thing that I saw was a stunning Ferrari 500 TRC Scaglietti Spyder. Very rare and very expensive if you can find one. A red with yellow 500TRC was sold for 2 500 000 dollar at RM Auction. So you can imagine the value of this car. Also this car is very rare, only 19 cars where ever produced and a couple of them where totalled during races at the time.

Of course there where more cars to see than just the 500TRC. Stunning cars such as a rare blue 166MM Spider, wich it was all the time owned by Jacques Swaters, belgian race-pilot, first import of Ferrari in Belgium and a modest hobby like collecting Ferrari's. This 166MM was one of his first Ferrari's and kept it until the day J.Swaters died.

Next there's the famous 250 GTO.
The car that's to expensive for even Top Gear. And I heard that once every 10 year's just one 250 GTO will be for sale.  I can imagine that the current owners don't want to sell their ride.
Produced between 1962 to 1964 for the homologation for the FIA GT3.  Only 39 cars where produced including the 250 GTO with the series II body. Four cars from the series one where converted to the series II.
 And now some other Ferrari's like the 250 GTB SWB and the LWB, The 250 Drogo and the 250 LM.
The 250 LM was been racing at Spa Francorchamps race-track at Belgium.
Some old F1 cars. The first one is het Ferrari 156 F1 Sharknose from 1961.
 Some real racing cars including the typical Le Mans GT1 Cars.
Toyota GT-OneBentley Speed Eight (winner of 24u. Le Mans 2003)Ford GT40Early Audi DTM Rothmans Porsche GT1
 Now the rest of the cars.
Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar (owned by the Porsche-museum)Detail of the Porsche 550 Spydera lovely Alfa Romeo Junior rally carVW Beetle Fun CupVeritas GT
And a epic combo.