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    Re-vamped Norse Gods!
I am in the process of re-vamping a selection of my Norse Gods, so they will be all shiny and ready for print!

I did a new design for Loki..
(in part based on an old design...)
-  a Jötunn living in Ásgarðr. A shapeshifter, Trickster and God of mischief... 
He is said to be able to transform into a raven.
In the stories he will sometimes aid the Gods, and at other times he is the antagonist.
Cosmologically many agree he should be seen as the Gods
dependency of the Jötunns // He was a symbol of Mans total dependency of the forces of nature.
...pretty cool 'ey?
Nordic "goddess" or more accurately - being. Ruler of the Kingdome of the Dead, by the same name.
Above and below - the design of Odin - Ruler of Valhalla / the house of the Einherjers (warriors chosen to fight in the battle of Valhalla).
I made some changes from the sketch to the final piece. And I really wanted to get a way from the the very classic "Grey Wizard" approach --- but without loosing the essentials!
And I of course added the two Ravens Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory) to the final design.
 work in progress sketch of Sleipnir - Odins trusty 8-legged black steed :)
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