Sasér - serious game about Smart Grids
Sasér is a serious game about Smart Grids and renewable resources designed as thesis project for the master in Design for Interaction at TU Delft.

The project aim is to create an engaging and educative tool to introduce to private households Smart Grids, the intelligent network of electricity distribution, and the impact of the use of renewable resource to produce electricity.

Sasér is a serious game for four players that presents a future scenario of energy production and consumption with Smart Grids and renewable resources. Managing the personal household card with appliances, improvements and micro-generation, players discover the future definition of sustainability, based on flexibility and adaptability of consumption.

After specific user tests, Sasér has proved to be a powerful tool for energy education in situations like workshops of educative sessions. In particular Sasér is able to explain the future scenario to players, and make them explore and interact with it. The gameplay stimulates discussion and confront between players in a relaxed and not aggressive atmosphere. 

Sasér provided information and knowledge to make players ready for the future changes the electricity market is undergoing to adapt to environment issues and resource scarcity.