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    "Lily’s World” is an immersive storytelling experience.
Today, many Virtual Reality projects provide gaming experiences.
Can the same technology be used to give a deeper, more immersive experience of linear narrative?
“Lily’s World” is an immersive storytelling experience that explores the time capsule of a young girl from the first-person perspective. In her time capsule, Lily puts her favorite items and unforgettable objects. Generally, people burry their time capsules into the ground. As a digital native kid, Lily attempts to upload hers to the cloud. It is about Lily’s dream of abandoning her physical identity and transforming herself into an eternal presence. The project was created to process grief in the wake of the artist’s mother’s cerebrovascular disease. It is an emotional journey of love, loss, and a never-ending exploration of eternity.
About the Installation:
Lily’s World was exhibited in the annual thesis show at Parsons New School for Design. It is a single-user experience. The audience can wear Oculus Rift to experience the audiovisual content. Audiences waiting in queue can view the 3d printed artworks.