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    A pop-up book telling Intramuros' story to children.
Beyond the Walls: A Pop-up Journey to Intramuros is a pop-up book designed to aid children in getting to know Intramuros, Manila's Walled City and the Philippines' historic capital.
(Photo from the Biblioteca Nacional Espana)
Established in 1571, Intramuros was the center of power in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period. As the country's capital, it has seen turning points in the Philippines' history; and within the stone walls which fortify it is a city full of life, vibrancy, and stories to tell.
Intramuros is part of Filipino heritage - learning about its story also means learning a part of the Filipino people's story. As an undergraduate thesis project, this book aims to provide children with a vivid and immersive experience of Intramuros' history. Through pop-ups, flaps, and pull-outs, Intramuros comes to life for children to better appreciate and enjoy its importance as a city with a storied past. 
The inside cover of the book features a pull-out map for readers to understand Intramuros' geography, location, and features.
Flaps open to display pop-ups introducing historical figures and additional information.
Readers can learn more information by unfolding pull-outs
The book also features spreads which unfold to show panoramas displaying the past and present states of certain Intramuros sites. 
In lieu of a pop-up, the two spreads above contain a leaf which readers can flip back and forth to show changes in Intramuros' landscape after certain events.
Details of a few illustrations from the book
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