Form Arcosanti is a three day adventure/music festival in the magical lowlands of the Arizona desert.
Curated by musical wonder-smiths Hundred Waters, the event connected 24 bands and 750 people to make for an unforgettable festival of the future. I was invited to design a limited run 3 color screenprint poster for the event, so I dove into research-mode, poring over photography and the texts of instrumental Futurist philosopher Paolo Soleri, the architect of Arcosanti and the Cosanti urban laboratories.

I experimented by first hand-drawing a variety of simple shapes and structures as a sort of thinking exercise. I then brought those drawings into my computer and turned them into a sort of pattern work, flexing and bending them while considering themes of constant organic transformation and regeneration, cooperation/protection, unexpected modularity and self-sufficiency.
I chose the colors to reflect the ever-present Arizona landscape. Cyan for the clear sky, metallic gold ink for the earthy ground, and bright orange-pink for the clay and cliffs.
Photography by Anastasiya Zolotukhin.