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    An advertising campaign for sponsored projects at the University of Wisconsin - Stout, Department of Design.
3SIXTY: design outside the circle
Advertising campaign for UW-Stout sponsored projects
My advertising class was given the assignment to brand a new program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, sponsored projects. The Department of Design wants to draw in clients from the industry and encourage them to collaborate with the students at UW-Stout.

I developed a brand and identity by starting with a name and logo. From there, I was able to develop magazine advertisements, a booklet to explain about the program, a mailer, a tumblr blog, a facebook page, and two short commercials, that all help advertise for the new program.

Magazine advertisement
Magazine advertisement
Informational booklet - cover
Informational booklet - index spread

Informational booklet - overview spread

Informational booklet - section spread

Informational booklet - process spread

Informational booklet - success stories spread

Left Panel - inside flap of tri-fold mailer
Middle Panel - back of tri-fold mailer
Right Panel - front of tri-fold mailer
Inside of tri-fold mailer

Inside of mailer (folds out to a 10"x20")
3Sixty Tumblr Blog

Up-close look at Tumblr blog
Posts from the program, as well as inspiration.
3Sixty Facebook Page

Up-close look at the Facebook Page
 Commercial 1 (15-30 second requirement)

Commercial 2 (15-30 second requirement)