Art Forum Redesign 
Redesigning a well-established magazine.
Art Forum is a magazine dedicated to information about art. They are well renowned for their content and to be featured in it is a great honor. I felt that their design needed to reflect this more.
These covers were designed with the idea that the image should be the main focus. I didn't want to 'pollute' the cover with too much type.
The table of contents is easy to digest. The navigation is clear and concise, with obvious direction from a grid. 
The first section I designed was the "design" department. Ease of reading was the main focus. The images are placed throughout the text so as to engage the reader as he/she moves throughout the layout. At the end is an example of an advertisement. 
The final element to the redesign was the feature article. The placement of images in context of the copy was essential to maintaining the interest of the reader.
**please note: All logos, trademarks, etc. are property of their respective owners.