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Neon Museum Budapest identity
NEONON identity & Neon Museum Budapest
Mester diplomám témája arculattervezés a Neonon csoport számára, illetve egy fiktív budapesti Neon Múzeum grafikai anyagainak megtervezése volt, a Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem tervezőgrafika szakán. A Neonon csoport régi neon reklámok megmentésével,restaurálásával és kiállításával foglalkozik, végleges céljuk pedig egy Neon Múzeum és kulturális központ létrehozása.
Neonon identity was my graduation project at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Neonon is a Hungarian organization that saves and collects old neon advertisements in Budapest. Their final goal is to create a museum where these neon signs can be exhibited.
In the 1970s neon advertisements were really popular in Budapest; they strongly defined the image/atmosphere of the city. Unfortunately they were neglected from the ‘90s, they were too expensive and many faster and more economical (but not so decorative) technologies started to spread.
For the identity I wanted to create a visually strong graphic world that is on one hand simple and can be used in 2015 and on the other hand has the historical background and has a special Budapest feeling. The first part was to create the logo, the name “NEONON” is a playful word as “ON” means to turn on the light and also implies the active and creative role of the Neonon organization. So I drew the “ON” as a button. The logo can be bent into a neon tube as well.
In the infographic I show the history of the neon advertisements. To read it easily I created pictograms that can be bent into neon tubes, too. I made illustrations to present the creation process of the neon signs. They can be used on many surfaces such as bags, pins, tickets and postcards. I also vectorised some iconic neons from the 1970s, they give an individual and retro layer for the identity. To discover the exciting neons in the city I created a flyer with a neon map, you can have a walk with it and admire these neons.
the illustrations were created to show the creation process of the neon signs
Iconic neon signs from the 1970's in Budapest
Business cards
Infographic about the history of neon advertisements
Tickets,postcards,pins and bags
Flyer with a map of neon signs in Budapest
Visualization for a neon museum in Budapest
this image created by Neonon
Photos from the exhibition
The neon sign created by Polisign
Neon Museum Budapest identity


Neon Museum Budapest identity

This project was my graduation work at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Neonon is a Hungarian organization that saves and collects old neon Read More