Earlier this year I got the chance to work on a marketing campaign for a ramen shop chain.
It was largely a learning process for me as I created a lot of icons and lettering pieces.
Orijinaru is basically the word "Original" with a Japanese twist. It aims to introduce the ramen chain as THE original authentic fantastic Hakata-Style ramen.
All these didn't get published, but it truly was an experience on its own,
and it's actually kinda fun.
The bowl banner represents their signature bowl wall that's installed in a lot
(and maybe all) of their restaurants.
The early idea was to do full on colorful illustrations to accompany the ramen-knowledge articles, but the client disapproved. The art direction then went from that to minimalistic icons & letterings that use the company's brand colors only; red, white, and black.
The icons were supposed to be illustrating ramen-knowledge articles,
talking about new elements of ramen each week.
They're made in squares for Instagram.