file directory
\Warehouse is where I've kept all the previous digital assets that I've either modeled or downloaded over the years. 3D meshes, scripts, maps, etc. can be found in warehouse directory of my server. The other day while moving and organizing some files in this directory I became annoyed at how long it was taking to copy the files. While watching progress bar after progress bar, I realized that if these models were the real world objects they represented, this would take much much longer.

This is where the inspiration came from for the following image. Simply a warehouse interior cluttered with old models and texture maps. From 3D mesh people, to airplanes, to parts from a coffee kiosk rendering; walking through V:\warehouse on my server, you would literally walk around cars and trip over body parts or whole people. Each piece unrelated to the next, dropped where it lies because was too busy with deadlines to archive them properly.

3DS Max 2012  |  V-ray  |  Photoshop