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    Cd layout for a german band Ape Einstein.
Ape Einstein
CD cover
Where genius and lunacy meet…

Stanley Kubrick, Salvador Dali and Klaus Kinski meet at a small, dimly lit bar in the suburbs of Metropolis. On the spur of the moment they decide to form a rock band. Since there is a lot of absinth to be had for the sake of enjoyment that night, no one can remember that plan the morning after. All that's left is a spark in the dust of the stars of history...
Many years later though, at the same bar at the same table, a creature is born by the name of APE EINSTEIN...
APE EINSTEIN is the musical and lyrical vision of Michael P.Z. (voice & piano) and Martin P.C. (drums & percussion), with the goal in mind to serve up something fresh & exciting for the ears of the listener.
With the support of Producer and extraordinary musician Uwe Baltrusch, Hollywood-Sound Artist Joerg Huettner, Photographer Markus Richter and Graphic Artist Aleksander Zivanov it turned into an audio – visual piece of art, which has “release me for the whole world to see“ written all over it.
Like humans equally embody ape and nobelist, APE EINSTEIN ties together melancholy and lust for life, standard and conciseness, avantgarde and zeitgeist. Harmony meets rhythm, word meets sound, mind meets gut. Intensive. Passionate. Different. Rock’n’Roll? Definitely! The very APE EINSTEIN.