Adobe Ideas Poster 2
poster to show capabilities and personal style in Adobe Ideas
After working with the touch tooling group at Adobe Ideas to create a video about me using their app on a tablet, they asked me to create a couple of poster images to try and show off what the app could do. I'm sticking to my style here and hope to go in other directions soon, but the goal of this one was to do something like what I did with the Rise Against poster where the end result is a screen printed poster. Image is finished, I'll add to this post when the poster is done. I believe it will be printed by the crew at All Along Press who printed the Rise Against Poster.
Be sure to check out the tee version of this design on Design By Humans
yup the majority of this was done in ideas. There are some non believers out there but even all the straight line stuff except for the very outer line was done using a straight edge that I ran the stylus across to get a better line.
I've been working with the guys over at on a couple projects and got a gift card to make a custom ipad cover. I decided to use this poster design and thought it came out pretty well. The laser engraving turned out so good and I love the bamboo case.