Selected Identity Marks
Corporate Identity
Selected Identity Marks
Logo for an annual event held at the Akron Zoo. Logo to be used on signage, cups, t-shirts, advertising and all types of promotional items.
Concept Logo for the Akron Zoo's 60th anniversary. Was to be used in conjunction with their current logo. Project got killed when the client decided they wanted a tag onto their current logo.
Logo for a grant program offered at Highland PR. Logo was meant to be used in conjuntion with other Highland PR branding and had to match the style and colors used in other marks.
Logo for a photography company. The company does everything from weddings to product shoots. 
Concept marks created at Kent State for Lifestyle Landscaping Company. Lifestyle is a full service upscale landscaping company. The company offers design build and upkeep services. 
Concept created at Kent State for Titan Cement company is a cement manufacturing company.
Created at Kent State in Corporate Identity class. Zoss the Swiss Baker is a modern swiss styled bakery offering traditional swiss baked goods with a modern twist, catering, and storefront.