Pelé Sports Trinity 3E
The Pelé Sports Trinity 3E delivers comfort and maximum acceleration, while the unique stud geometry naturally decreases the risk of injury and enhances the speed and precision of the football player. It is an ultra-light boot with a completely new type of outsole to provide players with the perfect tool for sprints, tackles, and quick match movement.
With an average of 2.7 injuries per team worldwide, Pelé Sports were focused to place injury protection and propulsion performance at the heart of their design mission. Studies from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany show at a very high statistical significance level (p<0.01) that the Trinity 3E allows significantly faster movements when compared to other high performance speed boot products on the market.
Professor Ewald Hennig, head of the university’s Biomechanics Laboratory, stated that; "The boot gives the player the advantage in a small or tight space scenario, allowing players to be 40cm closer to the ball in a kicking action. For longer manoeuvres (> 10 sec), players can have an advantage of being up to 1.5 metres closer to the ball on the field."
The statistical impact of this study suggests that even if it were repeated 100+ times, the boot would still yield the same result 99 times out of 100.
The team worked with Formula One Engineers to strip away unnecessary weight & structure within conventional boot design. Despite extremely low weight characteristics (158 grams), all Trinity 3E materials were selected for maximum durability:

The outsole is created from a futuristic hybrid of fibre reinforced lightweight polymer. It is a dual density molding created through aligning the fibres that results in an optimised rigidity directly related to the biomechanics of the foot.

The synthetic upper Symbioskin™ is an extremely low density, tri-laminate material designed specifically for the Trinity. Three unique elements are fused together to create a symbiotic functionality, these layers individually sculpt around the players foot.
The unique asymmetrical stud geometry (patent pending) harnesses the natural mid foot motion, ensuring the earliest possible force generation and accelerating your rapid response rate! Quite different from most boots designed today who offer a symmetrical stud solution even though the natural movement of the foot is asymmetrical.
The extreme position of the rear tripod studs trigger earlier ground contact and stability with high velocity release and the forefoot studs permit excellent traction and explosive acceleration. The studs work cohesively to distribute foot pressures and improve grip as the foot flexes and rolls naturally through 3D simultaneously. The outsole plate is specifically designed to resist rolling over of the ankle – a factor for the most common injury suffered in football today.
Pelé Sports is the brand for football and footballers all over the world. It is the brand for Futebol bonito, the most beautiful sport in the world. And Pelé Sports is inspired and influenced by none other than Pelé, the best and most beloved footballer of all time. The philosophy is clear: The focus is on footballers' needs. And at the core of what footballers need is the balance between performance, comfort, and design, regardless of whether they play on a professional level, get together for a spontaneous pick-up match, or are fashion-minded fans. There are three categories: Performance, Pelada, and Pelé Story.

This philosophy is as much a distinct part of the brand as the Brazilian feeling for football that Pelé Sports communicates: Futebol bonito – the joy in playing, regardless of who you are,and where and how you play. This is also based on Pelé's personal desire to give something back to football and footballers: Every player should be able to buy Pelé Sports products. That's the reason why the highest quality standards are as pronounced as the outstanding price-performance ratio.

The company P-Sports was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters in Germany. From their headquarters, a selected team of sporting goods specialists, football and biomedical experts works closely with global designers and football connoisseurs on the Pelé Sports brand. The Pelé Sports team also has the number "10" on its squad: "O Rei" Pelé is not only the inspiration of the brand, he's also actively involved in product development. And this means products are created imbued with that genuine Futebol bonito feeling – products for everyone who loves football as much as we do.
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Pelé Sports Innovation Team:
Greg Lever-O'Keefe (Head of Products)
Darryl Cassingham (Head of Research)
Dr. Ezio Margiotta (Biomedical & Sports Injury Expert)
Sonny Lim (Lead Designer)

Photo credits: P-Sports GmbH

Out of 269 entries from 27 countries, the ISPO Jury selected 8 winners for their 2012 BrandNew Award.
Pelé Sports is the ISPO BRANDNEW Award winner in the category Footwear. “He lends his know-how and name to the brand” jury member Peter Kreidlmayer mentioned about Pelé Sports. The result is clearly impressive: “This football shoe weighs almost nothing” enthused the long-time Head of Footwear at K1X. "In addition, it satisfies every high standard concerning function – at a cost savings compared to established brands."
Singapore President's Design Award 2012
The Pelé Sports Trinity also received the Singapore President's Design Award 2012. This is a prestigious and the country’s highest recognition for excellent design. More information here:
From left: Robert Tomlin (President’s Design Award 2012 Steering Committee and Chairman, DesignSingapore Council), Sonny Lim, Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam (President of the Republic of Singapore), Ng Lang (Chief Executive Officer, Urban Redevelopment Authority)
Pelé Sports Trinity 3E

Pelé Sports Trinity 3E

Top-level Pelé Sports football boots weighing 158 grams.