3Ps - Space of life
light therapy - a performance of emotions
To investigate the contradictive sensations in the sense of life, (Philosophy)
through experiemnting synesthetic perspections (Psychology)
with light and phsical interactions in space. (Physic)
To explore the idea of "hope & discomfort" in a philosophical way, as the moments of life in different stages of time and space, which are the feeling and thinking through our minds depending on external or internal factors. Everyone has different perceptions and reactions to things/happenings because of our different live experiences, value-judgments, characters, culture background, etc; therefore everyone's sensation of life is diverse and transformative.
This project is like a psychology experiment with lighting installation, the gallery will be transformed as a space where people can realize and rethink through their lives in different stages, to interact with their own minds, body movements as well as to other people.
The interior space would be like one’s inner mind, as a visitor walks inside, his heart rate will be attached to the space from his inner body, and when he moves around certain areas in space, the lighting surrounds will be transformed and so his heart rate will be activated, the lighting will also be changed according to these rates, therefore it is a continuous action through the movement of his moods, mind, body movement, and the space.

There would be some voices and heart rate sound as the participant walks through the interior space, while that person would have no idea where the sound was coming from, they just like an echo voice that keep on telling us something in our minds.
The inner body movement of that person will be shown on the screen at the front of the gallery, people from outside who have not gone inside yet would see the dynamic diagram of that person’s life; which representing a life inside the space and the rhythm of one’s mind and feeling changes. The moving pattern can also work as an attraction for drawing attention from people on the street, because of their curiosity will make them come closer to the gallery.

After participants have experienced the interior space, they will exit from the back door and to see another LED screen outside from the back window. This screen will show some different views of the interior through observation cameras that were set at the two ends inside the space. People can see the situation they had just experienced and how another person reacts and explores the space.
Plan with different zones