Bękart card game

Bastard - an educational card game about typography basics created by Element TalksBękarty Studio and 12 young designers from Poznań, Poland. 

Element Talks (Paulina Kacprzak and Olga Rafalska) was responsible for creative direction, backside pattern and the bastard card. 
Bękarty Studio was responsible for creative direction, brochure with informations and printing. 
Each of 12 invited designers was responsible for one pair of the deck. 
Bastard is our version of the Black Peter (Old Maid).
The rules are very simple. The deck consists 24 cards that pair and one that doesn't. That card is called Bękart.
At the beggining of the game all cards are dealt out to the players. Then each player puts aside the pairs he has in his hands.
The first player draws a card from the player on his left and then the next player draws a card form the player to his left and so on. Everytime a player makes a pair, he discards it.
At the end of the game only one player is left with a single card - Bękart. That player loses.
Our goal was to promote young talented designers from Poznań. The premiere of the game took place during the graphic design conference Elementarz Projektanta 2015. 

Backside pattern - Paulina Kacprzak
Bękart (Orphan) - Olga Rafalska
Kerning - Marta Tomiak
Ligature - Michał Loba
Sans serif - Agata Polasik
Renaissance Antiqua - Joanna Bartosik
Bękart card game