Sarasota Farmer's Market Redesign
The project was to create a whole new design for the Sarasota Farmer's Market in a group of 4-5. First each group came up with new logos and as a class, then we decided on two different logos which the market could choose from. Next, each group was assigned different promotional tasks to create and we redesigned the promotional items and the commercial. Each of the group members had their own strengths and we divided the re-designs up accordingly. I was responsible for some of the ads, posters, and promotional items. I had also done one of the logos that was submitted as final pick in the class.
This was the chosen logo, designed by another group.
Bus advertisment
Flag advertisement for the downtown area (using the runner up logo another group had designed)
Poster ad for around school campuses
This was the commercial my group member, Courtney Cox created. The rest of my group and I helped with the design and copy for the video. It is now being shown on the Sarasota Farmer's Market web page.