With this project I attempted to inspire a new generation to understand that we all have an impact on our planet and an effect on its health. With the Living Planet Report findings, I tried to make them relevant and accessible to the ‘always on; generation.
Wildlife populations worldwide have declined by 52% since 1970.
We are living as though we have more than one planet at our disposal.
By taking more than nature can replenish, we are jeopardizing our own future.
14-24 year olds, who have the opportunity to shape their futures. They might be interested in the cause but it’s difficult to engage them to the point of action.
An iphone app promotional video designed for the World Wildlife Foundation. This app is designed to rekindle peoples interest and concerns for the various places around the planet that are threatened. It focuses specifically on 8 areas of concern including the Amazon. 
Music by Sean Dwyer:
WWF Explore