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Mikes HARDER: Tiger Blood Can Designs
Mikes HARDER : Tiger Blood Can Designs
This is the 6th years of their seasonal flavor and open can contest.

The cans I designed all speak to a different tone, but still maintain
the brand image. There is a wide variety of styles, this does a pretty
good job of showing the diversity I can bring to a project and illustrations.
This first one is not featured in the above image, but it represents
the 10th design. This one is the closest to the M.King rendering
style I was orginal approached for this project to do. 
*At the bottom is a bonus image!
I wanted to design a can that was instantly recognizable for the
ingredients and and the tiger from a far. To many of the designs
require the viewer to really get up close to see what is going on
in the scene. This is bold and in your face just like Mikes HARDER.

This one I have decided to name Tiger Mind Blown, because it's as
extreme and over the top and you can get with a tiger hanging out
with a watermelon , some strawberries, and those darn coconuts.
They were super hard to place in just about every can.

Meet Saddy Tiger. The contest is aimed at 21 -29 year old males.
However I don't know to men guys who get excited when you show
up with a six pack of Mike's. However....women in this age range
are much more likely to try this new flavor.

Thai influeced Tiger design. Or Yugi-OH....I think it gets the
idea of movement and excitement going, and this was such a
unique design for the characters head I couldn't pass it up.

Tut Tiger was a fun break to take on from the more traditionally
illustrated cans I had been created. It's got the feeling of paper
art and gave me the chance to work with some gradients. Again
this one works because it is visiable from a distance, you get
that it is a Tiger and a little funky.
organic design. This can describes the energy of drip painting.

This tiger design is based on traditional japanese depictions
of tigers, it also combines flash art motifs that channel the
contained flavors
by a splenter, it takes the courage of a small mouse to free him.
This has such a different tone than the rest of the submissions,
which compared to the other 150 submissions... is much needed.
You can't use someones face for a can if they don't approve it....
but my gosh, The Sheen coined this term! He is the reason for
this drink, and it wouldn't even be in the publics psyche!
Mikes HARDER: Tiger Blood Can Designs

Mikes HARDER: Tiger Blood Can Designs

These are my entries for the Mikes HARDER can design contest. Each is unique and shows off a different style of illustration and design.
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