Some time ago I studied Czech. One issue in the study was rather difficult for me. It was verbs conjugation in present tense.I had a hypothesis that issue was so difficult because of my help paper, wich was too complex. So I decided to redesign it. 
Original paper

At first I thought that the main reason for the complexity was the wrong layout.
I tried to changed it. The result was not as good as I had expected. Then I realised that problem was in wrong understanding of the main purpose of the page. MemorizationIt was not enought to make it „smooth“. I had to make it „easy“. So in addition to layout change I rethought the structure.

I rearranged the layout by putting repeating cases of small tables in one consolidated table
I made two changes in structure of the page. First, I removed all the examples. Despite that they are helpful in illustrating, they are unnecessary in memorizing the rule. Second and the main part of redesign was killing the groups (so called „tridas“). For the purpose of memorizing it was essential. The table became „easy“.
I killed all information that was not helpful for the main goal of the table — memorization

Now I believe that the paper can be realy helpful in memorizing verbs conjugation in present tense. So if you study Czech you can download it(.pdf, 370 KB)and use.

Before and after the redesign