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    Editorial design for Minimondi's contest "Stuzzica l'immaginazione" during Rome Book Fair 2011
This book is the final result of "Stuzzica l'Immaginazione", a literary contest promoted in the elementary and junior high schools in Rome. The children have been asked to write short tales on the theme of nutrition, taking inspiration from the works fo 5 young illustrators. 5 of these tales out of more than 300 have been selected, and the winners have been awarded during "Più Libri Più Liberi" the annual book fair in Rome.
The children's words express a playful message, given in graphics by the use of a couple of basic colors (red and cyan) interacting with each other and the paper (brown wrapping paper for food)
"The Cake" by Jon Carling
"Non è la Solita Minestra" by Pinkrain
"Passion Fruit" by Giulia Sagramola
"Miss Pasticcino" by Sarah Mazzetti
" L'Albero delle Uova Dolci" by Cristian Grossi
A project by: Più libri Junior in collaboration with Minimondi.
Creative direction: Matteo Martignoni
Designed by: Kreativehouse