Modular Housing System – MSc Thesis Project 

The aim of this project was thinking on live different. Building a house is expensive and hard to change it later. Here I made a modular system that let people design their own home and grow or reduce easily it as frequently as they need.

These residential units can installed anywhere, but for my thesis project I also designed a sample estate to show the working method of this system deeper.
Order your own house!

To design your own house you can order the basic elements and the accessories online. Basic elements are available in simple and double width and in two different heights (and a shifting unit).

Inside you have to decide between a few options: window or wall; room divider or open unit; corridor or full width; door or partition wall. You can order extras like skylight, built-in furnitures, power outlets to each unit.

If you need, you will able to order or sell some parts next years.
Consultants & Experts: Miklós Jancsó, Eszter Andor, Levente Filetóth, Dezső Hegyi, Sándor Greskovics, Lajos Gyurcsovics, Géza Kapovits

Special thanks: Laura Baróthy, Krisztina Bessenyei, Bogdán Funk, Gergely Hory, Ágnes Vigh
Thank you!