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    Hacking, flash, projectors and stuff!
Interactive installation
As a part of the module "Exploring Technology" during my time at Hyper Island, we were asked to create something to display at a exhibition in Stockholm, while exploring the possibilities in using technology in new ways. My group ended up creating an abstract interactive installation that aimed to increase awareness regarding environmental issues.

Terrabeat allowed the users to create their own abstract sounds with the simple gestures of their hands using a Wii Remote. The user literally painted music on a projected wall. Each movement with the "magic wand" created a unique sound and eventually after more interaction, custom music. When the music evolved, the more the earthly environment around the user grew and was illuminated with color projections and custom animations!

My role?
Developer and hardware supervisor. Using Flash I created the interface used in the installation, an artistic "drum machine". I also had the responsibility for making sure all the different software we used talked together, in addition to setting up the hardware and building custom pieces we needed.
Here is a video from one of our earlier tests, made by Henrik Edelbring.