Mist Visual - Motion Reel 2015
We are proud to show present you our beloved reel made of our commercial work that we did. We’ve developed our skills in most practical way – throw ourselves in at the deep end. Every project is a great opportunity and challenge to take advantage of our skillsets as well as learning new stuff.

A lot of work is from collaboration of Chris (Krzysiek Kuśmierek) and Timecode Film Production which kindly gave us permission to show our work. Chris worked there for almost one year enhancing his skill in 2D and 3D motion design, worked on many different projects for bigger brands such as Discovery, BMW, Sony, Nescafe and so on.
Highly encourage you to visit Timecode’s site! http://www.timecode.pl/
All motion design & 3D graphics by: Krzysztof Kuśmierek
Flat illustrations by: Kamil Ostrowski
Projects for TimeCode film production timecode.pl/
Sony – Animation/Texturing/Lighting/Rendering
BMW – Prepare 3D models/textures
Kia – Prepare 3D models/Animation/Compositing
Dell – Illustration / Motion Design
Sharp – Look/Motion Design
Nike – project for candybanners.com/
Music: Varien & Razihel – Toothless Hawkins
MistVisual - Reel 2015