REBELS – Vampires and Witches
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    Interior illustrations for the book Rebels - Serbian mythology.
ampires and Witches

is the third book richly illustrated, in the edition of Serbian mythology. This book is logical continuation of Serbian Expe
lled Demons. In Expelled Demons, it was presented most various creatures of serbian mythology such as unbaptized creatures,dogheads, Grandma horn... andother strangebeings. REBELS is the book about Serbianvampires and witches. The book waswritten by Milenko Bodirogic. As before,beside me on this project as illustrators also participated DraganBibin, DuškoBeljac, VanjaTodor I Miloš Vujanović.
The book preview (PDF):"yui_3_3_0_3_1324071068339493">
"...Children bornin the placenta, whenthe right time comes, canbecome vampires..."
"...Drowned,suicides, unhappydead, cursed,those who have died withoutcandles -unfortunate soulsabove them hangsa dark shadowof vampirism,without their guilt -seem to be almostrandomly selectedand pushed into thearms of eternalnight..."
"...How long is theirlife afterdeath noone knows. Some sayonly forty days- the time needed fordead soulto visitregions andbeings that itloved in life...
"...In order togive thempeace, people withhawthorns stabbingvampires undertheir fingernails andthe tongue, cutears, feet and fingers,torn tendonbelow the knees..."
"...Is there asafer and morenaïve victimthan deadman, whose peace isonly storedin the hearts ofthe living? He shouldstill livethere, inthose hearts thatbeat, to findpeace inthem. There andonly there ishis peace, hisreal tomb.But warmhearts are the placefor somethingelse..."
"Today,most peopleimagine witchesas uglyand old women. Demonicmasks withtoothless mouth,a long, hooked noseand at leastone large nipplefrom which sticksout a fewhairs..."
"Witchescome from ancienttimes, when death wasnot death, andwhen the livingand the dead livedtogether… For thesecreatures boundariesbetween worldswas porous– in the space,border wasmarked with grave, andthe time withsunset."
"Theysay that God ispowerful because He isthe knowerof all names. FromHim thename can not behid. Butfrom the people andwitches can..."
"...Theterrible namesare welcome againsta witch. Ifwitches werealready crackeddown on someone'shouse, then the boyshould benamed Vuk (Wolf),and girlVukosava orVukana, becausethe witches areafraid of the wolfand not attackhim."