The middle of the water. Abitibi. This Algonquin word doesn't just describe where we want to be. It's who we are; where we live, work and play. It's the river, where beyond every bend, lies infinite possibility and adventure. It's the lake that's seen its fair share of canoes over the years.
We believe in life beyond the bend. Knowing that there's always another experience to be had keeps us exploring, keeps us curious and keeps us growing. We believe that nature rewards the brave, those who dare to wonder what is hidden behind the next hill or what sights are waiting to be soaked up from the top of the peak. Our eyes light up when we see that what looked like an end opens to a new beginning. We live for the moments that take us somewhere — physically, emotionally and spiritually, new or unexpected. When destinations are reached and expeditions come to their end, we believe in finding a way to keep moving onwards.
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Client: abitibi & co.
Agency / Agence: N/A communications
 Strategy / Stratégie: Marissa De Miguel & Stacy Gagnidze 
Creative director / Directeur de création: Jean-Daniel Petit
Art direction & graphic design / Directrice artistique et design graphique: Eliane Cadieux
Illustrations: Eliane Cadieux
Photos: Guillaume Simoneau, abitibi & co. & internet
Web Design / Design web: Eliane Cadieux
Programmation: Kiwi Création
Director / Réalisateur : Guillaume Simoneau & Jean-Daniel Petit
Editor / Monteur : Marka Rankovic
Sound design / Mix sonore: Écoute Voir Production
Music / Musique: Appalaches
Grading / Colorisation: Mathieu Marano
Merci à Copper and brassesOlivier Charland, et aux nombreux modèles.
Thanks to Copper and brasses, Olivier Charland and all models.
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abitibi & co.

abitibi & co.

Complete branding and web design for abitibi & co. A new canoe & kayak company based in Abitibi, Quebec. - Branding - Journal & brochures - Webs Read More