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    A day in the life of the air commuter. A photographer photo-journals his trip from Cincinnati to Chicago, from airport terminal to hotel room.
Recently, I documented a one-way business trip. Why? A commercial flight was required, after several trips of going private, and at first, I whined like a spoiled child.

Then, I realized how rich a subject this juxtaposition was.

I asked myself, "Where did your childlike glee of getting on board a plane — any plane — go?" Why is the glamor gone?

Whenever I travel for business, the maelstrom of human experience just swirls around me, and I have to capture it. It's a stream of endless individual stories, and yet it's all one story. Our collective story.

The reasons people undertake long-distance travel encompasses all of the most pivotal events in our lives: Job interviews. Births. Deaths. Divorces. Chasing down dreams. Slogging through the day-to-day of The Day Job.

I've compressed a long, long travel day comprised of an early alarm, weak airport coffee, slow-moving lines, and sour-smelling hotel rooms into 17 images.

So. Come fly with me.