Photographs by Johnny Kerr

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Bokeh Gallery at monOrchid, February 2017
Path of Light II
Iron Butterfly
Plume-Abated Towers
Pattern of Decline
Path of Light I
Signs of Life
Modern Pyramid
Ribs Redux
Growing up in Arizona has certainly given me an appreciation for the unique beauty of the desert. However, I have never found my desert surroundings to be particularly inspiring in my artistic endeavors. As such, it has been quite a struggle to find my voice as an artist.

I began exploring abstract architecture as subject matter in early 2013. This was my first attempt at working within a series.

Given that I was not inspired to capture my desert surroundings in a representational manner it comes as no surprise to me, looking back, that I have found gratification in abstraction. Abstraction has given me great freedom to interpret my subject matter out of context and removed from reality. Architecture is my subject matter, but my photographs are not about the architecture. Each image here is a study of its fundamental elements: shape, space, form, line, rhythm, etc. Each image is an experiment in how to interpret and illustrate those elements in a harmonious design that is aesthetically pleasing.

This body of work is also heavily inspired by my background in graphic design. The aesthetic I have pursued throughout this series is one of simplicity and elegance, both of which are traits of good design. I have always found minimalism inspiring. Some images come closer to these aspirations than others but each image has played a vital role in developing my vision as a fine art photographer.

In the beginning of this series I made the choice to work with a 1:1 (square) aspect ratio because I had originally discovered my interest in this subject matter when taking snapshots with my iPhone and posting to Instagram (which also features the square crop). A few images into the series I made another decision to work solely in monochrome to further give the portfolio visual harmony as a body of work.

More recently, I have incorporated long exposure techniques into the series. I have enjoyed the ethereal ambiance that the moving sky adds behind my interpretation of various architectural structures. Adding physical movement to my images has been a stimulating boost to re-energize my vision for this series, which I plan to continue pursuing for the foreseeable future.

ABSTRACTIONS second edition book is currently available from Blurb or www.johnnykerr.com
Thank you for looking with me.

Special thanks to Nicole Royse, Wayne Rainey at monOrchid
2015 International Photography Awards
Honorable Mention for Photography Series
Trang Den Magazine (Vietnam) Feature
Vol. 8, Published October, 2015
Trang Den photography magazine (Vietnam) Vol. 8 features Abstractions series and interview with Johnny Kerr (8 pages)
Trang Den photography magazine (Vietnam) Vol. 8 features Abstractions series and interview with Johnny Kerr (8 pages)


Abstract architecture elements expressed through long exposure digital photography. Most of these images are represented throughout my other port Read More