A project we did to brand a new Gastropub in Strandhill, Co.Sligo. The original brief from the client was to have the coolest pub around and 2 months later we delivered. During that time we designed, developed and even produced many of unique and bespoke items like special patters and food crates, sourced then branded other items like milk bottles, water bottles and coffee cups, and sourced other smaller items like napkins and cutlery. The project included the following:
Full branding - pub name suggestions, logo, colours, fonts, custom imagery, uniforms, newspaper ads, social media, etc.
Food presentation - food menu, special platters, food crates, plates, table centrepieces, serving paper, copper/plant dishes, salt/pepper, etc.
Drink presentation - drink menu, jars, milk bottles, shot glasses (mini jam jars), other bottles, full range of glassware, ice buckets (copper sauna bucket), branded pint glasses, beer tasting crates, shot glass crates, enamel tea/coffee range, shakers, takeaway cups,  etc.
Interior/exterior branding/design - Exterior signage, interior wall-phrases and general idea input, Butcher paper rolls for wall menus, etc.

Our full team on this project included the 3 of us (Max, Neil, Ralph) as well as
Sam Kirwan (Awkward Social) - Copywriting, research, design input, production.
Kevin Goss Ross - Design, photography, research, production.
Vincent Byrne - Interior design input, design, research, production.

Huge thanks to the guys at the Potting Shed Dublin for the initial brainstorming session. The interior design for the pub was designed externally by Paul Haffey Design.

Table setting - all custom made wooden crates and menu. Centrepiece containing milk bottles, condiments and cutlery. Boxes are hand made and hand painted before the screenprinting was applied. 
Water bottle and half-pint beer glass."Unfiltered Unicorn Tears" branding on the bottle along with logo.
"Cow Juice" milk bottles with the enamel tea set in the back.
Close up of the special platter. The wood is hand made then copper plumbing is installed and the holes are capped with 12 Gauge shotgun shells.
"Special" dish platter being served
Branded pint glasses and hand-cut cork beer mats.
Table setting from above
Front and back of the food menus. The wood is custom cut then the back is laser etched with info about craft beers. Recycled brown paper (with the menu printed on it) is then held in place with another piece of wood and 2 large bolts. 
Branded pint glass on the large copper-top bar counter
Exterior sign. The logo is laser cut out of rusted steel and mounted onto an 80-year old tabletop creating aged finish and texture. 
Centrepiece being used on a table surrounded by swing-benches. 
Final logo design against a wooden texture for the social media profile