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    Giving Lust to Rust - European Industrial Reuse Workshop Elir2011 - TU/e
Elir 2011 - Giving Lustre to the Rust
I have a great chance to participate in this workshop. This is my second workshop. The theme topic is about Industrial Reuse - an up-to-date topic in contemporary architecture. There are several activities during the workshop, including the Material Lab and the Design Lab, as well as many exhibitions during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Some information from the workshop website (elir2011)

The design will focus on the reuse of former industrial buildings located along the canal of Den Bosch, Helmond, Breda, Tilburg and Eindhoven.
Ten teams of students, led by an international group of professors, will work on the different canals. Representatives of the five Municipalities and local cultural institutions will support the activities of Elir 2011. Through their experience and knowledge, participants will increase the understanding of reuse.

Getting to know the materials used in the existing buildings is an important aspect in the design process. Therefore all students will participate in a workshop regarding the use of and design in brickwork or concrete.

More information and images: http://elir2011.blogspot.com/

Our focus area is on Helmond . This is an old industrial city with several factories allocating along the canal. The city government has planned for the industrial transformation with focus on Food Production.
Our site is the Vlisco Factory, an African fabric-printing textile factory. At the beginning, we discuss about new scenarios for this city, including Vlisco and the Ehda museum, which is currently a death tomb for the old Ehda supermarket. Then we focused on the Vlisco and main building, which will be the HUB. HUB is denoted for Helmond Urban Brainport ( a good definition from Christian Weittenhiller :) )

Our main concept is Vliscocity, a new design quarter for artists and also art campus... Just 5 working days and the final presentation is awesome :) I will remember all the moments there.