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    A collection of my best color street photography of 2011
Color Street Photography - 2011 best of
This gallery is a selection of my favourite images taken since last April. Moment at which I bought my Leica M9. I've been shooting off and on professionally for the last 13 years... Rarely have I shot as many pictures as I do now. Street photography was like discovering the holy grail. It's my true passion... Unconstrained and candid. Life at is unfolds before my eyes. Sounds redundant, but it's true. I recently decided to come back to the freelance world in order to pursue street and reportage photography. Balance will be the name of the game, between a booming colorist and a re-emerging photography career. With the publication of a book in 2012 (with partner Twist) things are looking very promising.

Color... It screams out. I deal with color every time I sit in front of my broadcast monitor to grade a TV show, movie or commercial. I seem bitter... I'm not. Without color we wouldn't have much. We wouldn't be able to represent the irony of having a yellow cast on a shot of a person crying. Thus color will stay close to me. But will only come out when it's needed. Look for color in 2012...