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    Package design - series of cleaning products
Dash detergent
packaging design
Concept for Dash detergents is based on personalization of detergents where they became characters. Each of them have their own story, but basic idea is that they all aren't doing anything “useful” because they had done their cleaning work and now are just killing time because Dash detergent is doing it's job so quickly and excellently.

At first example we can see drop of detergent and sponge drinking cocktails, then liquid fabric softener hitting on to a running sock. Afterward, there is a furious dishwasher tablet because all the dishes had started running away scared, seeing that it's the most powerful force in a dishwasher machine. At last there is laundry detergent powder which is sitting on a sofa and is thoughtfully reading a book.
dishwasher detergent - front
fabric softener - front
dishwasher tablets - front
dishwasher tablets - back
laundry detergent - front
laundry detergent - back