A detergent especially made to protect clothes and save the consumer money
Art Director and Copywriter: Lauren Hitzeman
Photographer: Melisa Oporto, Stylist: Julee Owens, Seamstress: Kelsey Brandon
Tide Cold Water is a spec campaign. 
Featured in Creative Quarterly Magazine Fall 2010.
Cold water leaves clothes looking fresh

Wash the life back into your clothes. Tide Coldwater provides a better clean at a lower temperature to revive your wardrobe. Look for Tide Coldwater at your local grocery store. 
Save the hot water for hot chocolate

Don't let ruined clothes melt your holiday fun. Wash with Tide Coldwater and keep your clothes ready for every first snow day. Cut back on your energy bill with Tide Coldwater. 
So cool, Tide sorts the colors for you

Tide Coldwater solves the laundry puzzle by preventing colors from bleeding. Stop sorting your clothes. Let Tide Coldwater work its genius to save you time and money.