The Fashion-design is a very special Empire! Things which ment for the material world, those are born in the very creative mind. This process start as a dream, imagination, and finish as practise effect.
  I join and describe the surrealism and real world in my film. the cycle of the transformation - that always different, because the changing of the creation - is the weightless waves of the distant association, describe the atmosphere my film, as a special and dreaklike dynamic. It is a unusual  "dance" between the imagery and the real world. this is the "dance" of oictures, that turn the dream to reality, and things turn to thoughts.
  When I made my videofilm, the most important thing was, the honesty. this picture illustrates direct or indirect my opinion of the fashion world. The drawing and photo taking e.c.t. vector to the program of Illustrator, then it follows the program of After Effects. I made the lighting, modelling and I also edited my video animation.