Art Director and Copywriter: Lauren Hitzeman
Photographer: Grodon Trice, Models: Nichole Snellgrove, Allie Hill 

Humans only have a small portion of untouched land remaining on Earth.
See the problem and choose to be conservative with the resources you use. 
You will read 533 books, throw away 8.49 tons of food packaging and buy 3,696 new pieces of clothing in your lifetime. The numbers continue to climb. As you shop, select items with less packaging. Choose to buy used books, appliances and clothing. Save the Earth and your wallet; always conserve. For more information visit: 
You take thousands of baths in your lifetime. 
Envision the positive impact you can have on the 
Earth by reducing your water consumption.

You use 198 bottles of shampoo, 656 bars of soap and 276 tubes of toothpaste in your lifetime. Sorry to burst your bubble — but you're not as clean as you think. Use only what you need by turning off the tap when you're brushing your teeth and only clean with biodegradable cleaners. Rethink your morning routine and reduce your footprint on the Earth. For more information visit: www.