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    2015; Magazine Branding and Design for Alba Communications / Steirereck Wien
In fine feather
2015; Magazine Branding and Design for Alba Communications / Steirereck Wien
How can you define the culinary identity of a country and subsequently position it on a global scale? These are two intricate questions that Steirereck directors Heinz and Birgit Reitbauer explore in the third issue of Das S Magazin. With an approach that honours the regionality of the Austrian cuisine and acknowledges its status as a multi-ethnic melting (or shall we say, cooking) pot, this leading-edge publication provides a sensory insight into the depth of Austria’s palatable history, present and future. Tying in with the rich diversity of editorial features and photographic expeditions of the past two issues, the latest release continues to showcase the creative pioneers and mavericks that invigorate and embody the country’s complex culinary fabric. In this spirit, the cover story portrays Austria’s only pigeon breeder, while another feature elucidates the multifacetedness of Austrian game, accompanied by thought-provoking illustrations by artist Deborah Sengl. The whimsical presentation and the bold creative direction was once again the work of brand unit, leaving an inventive, unique and gripping mark on this trailblazing publication.
Media Owner: Alba Communications; Publishers: Birgit and Heinz Reitbauer; Project Management: Andreas Oberkanins; Creative & Art Direction: Albert Handler; Graphic Design: Ula Krzyżak; Account Director: Andreas Oberkanins; Authors: Joachim Bessing, Anna Burghardt, Georges Desrues, Philipp Maußhardt, Susanne Schäfer, Achim Schneyder, Luzia Schrampf, Ute Woltron; Editor-in-Chief & Chief Copy Editor: Achim Schneyder; Photographers: Andreas Balon, Georges Desrues, Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek, Klaus Fritsch, Alexander Nußbaumer, Thomas Schauer, Mirco Taliercio, Manfred Wakolbinger; Food Styling: Sammy Zayed/Tatendrang; Illustration: Deborah Sengl; Image Processing: Mario Rott; Print: Grasl FairPrint; Distribution: Morawa