Stainmaster - Warranty Campaign - Sales Collateral
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    Stainmaster Warranty Campaign - Brochure
Stainmaster Carpet Warranty Campaign
Sales collateral developed to sell differentiation from competitors' warranties
This sales piece was part of a highly successful warranty campaign to help differentiate Stainmaster's superior warranty coverage from competitors' warranties.  This is a companion piece to a set of campaign collateral pieces I developed such as pocket guides, sales cards, in-store banners and fixture headers.

Many dealers told us examples of how their sales people used these tools to win Stainmaster business from customers who were considering a competitor's carpet.

(Kudos to Spencer Advertising in Lancaster, PA for killer creative execution.)

Face labels called attention to the kinds of things covered by our warranty.
In-store floor banners created to highlight warranty advantages.
Bright, colorful fixture headers promote what our warranties cover and plant seed of doubt on the competition.