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    Mixed media type treatment
Type Treatment pt. 2
This project was more of an open ended project. The idea was to create an event, documentary, or festival to promote in relation to our city that we created type treatments for during the previous project. I did none of those things. I started in the direction of an event or documentary, I thought up ways to promote it with hipster things: Ray Bans, reusable bags, cigarettes, disposable cameras, polaroids, and community art projects. What I ended up with was a combination of some of those things for something completely different. I decided to create a replacement for the cancelled music festival. Instead of the festival, my idea was to create something low key, and community oriented. What better for the “hipsters of Silver Lake” than to set up photo booths across the area to use as a community work space, as well as photography venue. I did not make the promotional material the way some other people did, but put together a collage that is meant to describe the event in a general way, while also remaining an piece of “art.”