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    spooky location-specific poems shared via foursquare
odd parlour
poetry for the geographically ghoulish
Started over Halloween 2011, odd parlour is a joint effort between a few Mighty workers.

At select locations in the downtown core, foursquare users are presented with a tip by a mysterious entity known as odd parlour. Within the tip is a link to location-specific poem: written, recorded, and animated by us.
Poem and video for Firkin chains, planted at Firkin on King and Friar & Firkin on John at Queen.
Poem and video for The Hive, an ad agency on King near Brant, who had 3 ghosts hanging in the front window for Halloween.
Poem and video for Wide Open, a tiny bar at Spadina and Richmond.
Friend odd parlour on Foursquare
Additional poems currently in production:

Twisted limbs in heaving piles
A flash of pain behind the smiles
Bodies bent beyond belief
Forever mangled, without relief

Below the ground their pedals spin
With every stroke, they grow their sin
A grinding cog, the pinch of pain
Send power to the Frankenbrain

Your dog’s excited; he’s caught a smell
Something pungent, straight from hell
Now he’s digging up the ground
Stop him quick, before she’s found

Atthe risk of sounding analytical
Thething's condition appears quite critical
It’sless a man, more gory mass
I fear itmay break through the glass