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I was comissioned to create a website from scratch for this embodiment conference in 2012. The conference never actually took place, but I was very invested in creating the best possible project throughout a month. I was responsible for everything, and I executed everything as well, from design, to logo design, to implementation, to dealing with speakers, etc...
The participants to be were some big names in the world of Embodiment, and so it had me all excited about attending the conference, which I was offered a ticket to as a part of my retribution. Of course it was a risk I knew I was taking, but still I was very moved by the idea of working out a whole project all by myself, so I went the extra mile to get the extra credit and achievement.
I very much enjoyed the desing process, but eventually, I had of course to surrender to my client's strong requirements, and he went for red and green despite all advice against it. I also really didn't love the final version of the logo, but he did, so I had to accept it. I mostly used photoshop for it, but also some Illustrator. And for the details, I worked with my Interactive Screen.
And once all the design was in place, I went on with the Front End templates, and fianlly, built a WordPress theme so that it would be easy to manage.
Look, there is Arawana Hayashi from Presencing Institute among the speakers (Presencing Institute is based at MIT)