Luminarium XXVI - Depth
For our 26th pack it was hard to decide where we wanted to go after our Silver anniversary. Themes associated with myths, fantasy, reality, travelling and literature came along. Eventually we dusted off our brushes, fired up our trustworty desktops and dove into the deep headfirst to proudly present to you our 26th Exhibition: DEPTHS

Peeling away the layers of the surface and seeing what's beneath, a talent inherently nested deep within our artists. It proved a difficult task to reach out to that talent and apply it on a composition and we as a collective are immensely proud of the effort that we have put in this body of work that show what is beneath and beyond.

Fitting our theme, we decided to highlight one of the most important cornerstones in The Luminarium. After 7 years and 25 exhibition we highlight the amazing effort our founder, Alastair Temple, has put in this group to make it the Luminarium that you see before you today. Read his interview here 

Finally, we'd like to thank everyone who supported us and we hope we can enlighten you once more with our 26th pack. Brace yourself and go headfirst into "DEPTHS"
Unconscious Underwater - Vincent Lefevre
Deep in the Rainforest - Nora Nirvaluce
Moby Dick, Mvt. 1  Loomings - Scott Stedman
Portal to the Depths of Space - Alastair Temple / Erik Schumacher
They all knew my name I - KOYN
They all knew my name II - KOYN
De Profondis - Jonathan Maurin
Hunting Season - Christian Hecker
Hunter treasure - Breli4
Great Dam of Dis - Julian Faylona
Depth - Cristian Eres
Voyage  - Joakim Olausen
Manta - Lars Sowig
Hydrofusion - Black
Void System - Maxime des Touches
Star Slight - Maxime des Touches
Spirit of the Depths - Windmill
What Goes on in the Depths of Space - Alastair Temple
Iceberg - Alastair Temple
Tendril - Stuart Ballinger
Sunker Lairs - Julian Faylona
Luminarium XXVI - Depth
Multiple Owners
Jonathan MAURIN