Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry - SoHo, NYC
Ivanka Trump Fine Jewlery - SoHo, NYC
A creative collaboration with Laura Reddy and David Freire of NY3 Design Group.
The challenge was no small task.  We needed to design, draw, approve, fabricate, finish and install a store full of luxury display fixtures in under 12 weeks.  I was lucky enough to be working with the very best team, from Joel Klein at Continuum Builders to Laura and David at NY3DG.  

The result is shown in the pictures below.  

We provided the custom white tufted couch, the tufted wall, the mirror stainless steel nine-section display cases, the wall displays and couture displays, the black polished hospitality counter, the white crocodile wrapped display tables, the stingray wrapped display urns and many of the small millwork details.

At the entrance, visitors are greeted by the Media Wall, consisting of a framed, back-lit photo of Ivanka with three framed TV's displaying media coverage of the fabulous jewelry line.  The frames were hand-mitered and finished on-site.
The first display area consists of 2 nine-section displays, fronted by a white crocodile display table.  The nine foot length of the table required special engineering to support the structural weight as well as the UV bonded glass table tops.
Ivanka's signature carpet pulls you in with its appealing geometric designs.  Carpet installation was done by ABC Carpet.  The left wall features our picture-frame wall display cases on a mirrored wall, separated by spaced curtains in the brand's signature colors.
The hospitality counter was created from high-gloss black acrylic panels, with an absolute black granite top and black mirror backsplash.  The faces are opened with oversized crystal knobs on a polished chrome backer.
The nine section display cases are lined in velvet, and lit with a custom LED lighting package that we designed for these cases.  They are covered in a polished stainless steel door - each geometric shape was cut with a waterjet, and the edges polished to a mirror finish.
Our couture boxes and storage doors below sit in a wall finished in Venetian plaster.  These cases have a wonderful depth that draw the viewer in to its contents with a museum-like feel.
The view looking back towards the entrance shows our wall displays on the right, and a sneak peek of the sitting area with our white tufted couch making an appearance.
The seating area was brilliantly designed by Laura Reddy.
Here you can get a full appreciation for the details of the couch - the entire back has a soft inviting curve, and the tufting wraps every surface.
Downstairs is the bridal area, and our tufted wall is a beautiful focal point of this space.
In the bridal area we see a smaller version of the display tables that are upstairs.
Above the bridal area hangs a beautiful Schoenbek chandelier, framed in a suspended beaded "Chuppah" or Jewish Wedding Canopy.
The bridal area.  
The bridal area as viewed from above - note the reflection of the skylights in the white marble floors, these skylights sit just above the signature coral wall.
View looking up from the bridal area.  Here you can see the Chuppah canopy, and the entrance to the VIP room that sits curtained just to the right of our couture wall displays.
A close up view of one of our display urns.  These urns were built on hidden casters, with a wood leg structure and a drawer display box wrapped in stingray vinyl.  The top case is tempered starfire glass, and the bases are finished in a custom metallic powder lacquer.