Souvenirs, amongst Bombay’s oldest and most renowned toy stores,
aspired to connect with parents, and highlight the lifelong influence toys have on children.
Kids need no persuasion to walk into a toy store.
Parents, however, need to be tugged and pulled into one.

They undermine the value of a toy in their child’s life.
For them, it’s a bribe, a mere pastime, something on the side. An expense.

They tend to restrict learning to within the confines of a classroom.
According to them, grades are the only way to make a career.


Mugging chapters and writing exams may well be a means to an end.

But the start to every dream is often that colourful, unassuming toy.
A child’s mind is clay for a toy.

It moulds, shapes, makes.

In bigger, more impactful ways than any textbook or lesson. 
Presenting a beautiful reminder to parents, children, and even ourselves.
A set of creatives that double up as posters, Facebook posts, postcards, carry bag designs, and print ads.
Agency: Not Like That  I  Client: Souvenirs Toy Store