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    Maxis International Roaming
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Maxis Communications International Roaming
Maxis Telecommunication international roaming atributes is one of the stronghold of the company's portfolio towards its customers. The clients wanted to make a statement on print and television with a simple idea of bring two obscure places together. 

A visual montage of a famous monument or landmark is carefully selected based on lighting and shadow as well as angle from image libraries are then comped in to a background that is aesthetically breathtaking in nature. 

To launch the campaign, the grand main visual of a landscape of the valleys of mexico is comped in with the wonders of the world flaunting Maxis' stronghold coverage in virtually everywhere. The visuals was so impressive in long format that the client decked out one of their outlet wall with it spanning as wide as 20 meters in width on a curvature wall at a 6 color 600dpi special print.

These visuals are then used as a simple 10 seconds still motion, coupled with music which transformed from a simple jingle using an instrument from the country of origin to a mash of the both countries shown in the reveal.